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Create Your First Trading Bot

Learn how to automate your personalized strategy with FreedX using the FreedX Backtest Template in TradingView.


Ensure you have already connected FreedX to your exchange. Automating your strategies with TradingView requires at least a TradingView Essential plan.


Start with FreedX Dashboard

  1. Navigate to your FreedX Dashboard and click the TradingView button. API Management
  1. On TradingView, click “Products” then “Supercharts”. API Management

Access Indicators

  1. Click “Indicators” in the top section. API Management

Select FreedX Backtest

  1. In the search bar, type “FreedX” and select “FreedX Backtest” from the list. API Management

Configure Strategy Template

  1. “FreedX Backtest” will appear on your chart. Click the “Gear” icon on the right side to access the strategy template.

    API Management

Add Indicators

  1. Return to Indicators and choose any indicator for your strategy, such as the RSI indicator. API Management

Select Indicator for Backtest

  1. Open the “FreedX Backtest” template and click the “Source” dropdown to select your newly added indicator. API Management

For detailed instructions on creating your strategy using the FreedX Backtest tool, check our blog post on TradingView. We've explained everything inside the template step by step.

Assess Strategy Performance

  1. View the backtest at the bottom to assess your strategy’s performance.

    API Management

After creating your strategy now you need to create a corresponding strategy listener on FreedX Dashboard.

Create Strategy Listener in FreedX

  1. In your FreedX Dashboard, go to the Strategies section and click the Plus icon to create your strategy.
API Management

Make sure selected exchange, symbol and the account corresponds with the strategy you created on TradingView.

  • Type the name of your strategy.
  • Select your exchange.
  • Choose the account.
  • Choose the symbol.
  • Set the allocation percentage.
  • Hit create.
API Management

Copy Strategy Key

  1. Click on the newly created strategy to open its details and copy the strategy Key. Paste it into the “Strategy Key” section in the “FreedX Backtest” strategy template in TradingView.
  • Check the "Enable Webhook Alerts" box above the Strategy Key.
API Management

Set Up TradingView Alerts

  1. In TradingView, click on the three dots icon and select “Add alert on FreedX Backtest”.
API Management

Configure Alert Settings

  1. Enter the alert name in the settings section. Use the same name as your strategy for easy tracking, like “FreedX RSI TEST”.
API Management

Finalize Alert Configuration

  1. Switch to the “Notifications” tab, select Webhook URL, go to the “Settings” section of the FreedX Dashboard, copy your webhook link, and paste it into the “Webhook URL” section. Click ‘Create’ at the bottom.
API Management

Now everything is set up! Once your strategy starts trading, you’ll be able to monitor your trades on our FreedX Dashboard. Ensure you understand the FreedX Backtest Template before creating any alerts. You maintain full control over your strategies and decisions.


Important: We are not responsible for any losses or profits made with your strategy.