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Free Subscription

Below you can find more information about each feature we provide to our Free users:

API Restrictions

Backtest 95% of indicators in TradingView

  • Free Backtest Tool: Our free Backtest Template tool lets you import indicators and set up signals directly in your TradingView charts, no coding needed.
  • No Coding Required: Traditionally, using these indicators to generate signals or build strategies needs Pine Script knowledge. We've changed that.
  • Learn and Apply: Discover how to use the tool with our detailed Backtest Template Blog.
  • Explore Indicators: TradingView hosts a wealth of indicators created by its community now you can backtest all this for free.

TP/SL, ATR, Trailing Orders

This feature point actually is mentioning some of the futures our backtest template provides and you can see full documentation on how it works on TradingView.

Trade Automation for Backtested Strategies Up to 10 trades/month

  • Automate Your Strategy: After crafting your strategy with our free template tool, the next exciting step awaits.
  • Free Trading: If your backtest impresses you, automate your buy and sell actions. We offer this service at no cost for up to 10 trades each month.

Monitor Trades on FreedX Dashboard

  • Track Your Success: Once your strategy is set and automation is active, the final step is monitoring progress.
  • FreedX Dashboard: We offer a dashboard for real-time tracking. Details are available on our dashboard documentation page.

If you like to get started with your first Trading Bot you can go do that by following our Create your First Trading Bot guideline.