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Plus Subscription

API Restrictions

Includes Basic

Your Plus Subscription starts with all the fundamental features included in the Basic package, setting a solid foundation for your trading strategies.

FreedX Backtest Plus Access

Gain exclusive entry to advanced backtesting capabilities with FreedX Backtest Plus in TradingView, allowing for more precise and sophisticated strategy development.

Multiple Strategies on One Symbol

In the same symbol you can create multiple strategies working simultaniously. One strategy can send buy signals and the other can send a buy signal without effecting each other.

Weekly Strategy Optimization

Benefit from strategies that are optimized weekly, ensuring that your trading approach stays dynamic and aligned with current market conditions. Every week we will provide with optimized parameters for different indicators also for educational purposes.

20 Custom Strategy Automations

Create and automate up to 20 custom strategies, giving you the freedom to tailor your trades to your specific goals and preferences.

Unlimited Automated Trades

Enjoy the freedom of executing as many trades as you want without any limitations, perfect for high-frequency traders.

Zero-Fee BTC Trading

Trade Bitcoin without any transaction fees, maximizing your profits on one of the most popular cryptocurrencies.